How I Used A Bullet Journal To Organise My Life


I’ve always been an organised person, but when it came to remembering things, I’ve always struggled. I would always have post-it notes around the house with to-do lists and things to remember, and I would be forever trying to find paper to write things down. But then I would lose my notes or someone would throw them away, so all of my ‘important’ notes would be gone. I’d also try emailing notes to myself, but then I wouldn’t remember they were there or I’d delete them by accident.

Then I came across a blog on ‘The Bullet Journal’, the name intrigued me, so I read on… I’d heard of it before but I didn’t really know much about it. As I read, I thought to myself, this is perfect for me, I’d certainly save space and money. My colleagues would probably also appreciate me not leaving post-it notes all over my desk, and theirs (guilty)!

After I understood the concept, I did some more research and I decided to order one, but I didn’t realise they were at such great prices, I got one for under a tenner! While awaiting the arrival of my bullet journal I was going through more and more pieces of paper, which made waiting even more difficult. Then, it arrived – I was so ready to try it!


I started off with a key (for to-do lists, notes and events), then an index, followed by random notes of mine, things I like, etc. Then I wrote the month and year as a headline followed by the date on the next page. Then I decided to do a ‘Daily Log’, where I wrote to-do lists and a brain dump section. I also started off writing page numbers, but this didn’t last long. For a month or so I kept to this order, but I think I was too concerned with keeping it looking neat rather than actually using it to organise myself. Then I went on holiday and made notes about what I did there and as I was doing this quickly when I had a spare minute, it was looking less organised than it was previously. By the end of the holiday it was looking a bit worse for wear, with paper falling out, train tickets in different pages and my writing not looking at its best.

When I got back it took a week or so for my bullet journal to recover and become organised again. Then I got back to using it for my to-do lists and notes and I don’t know how I ever got anything done without one. I actually used it for the purpose I needed it for and it worked so well! It’s very easy to look at notes from months ago, as I dated my pages. I wasn’t concerned with keeping it tidy (but just neat enough so I could actually ready it), and it was the best thing I could have ever done.


It may not be the right organisation tool for you, but if you’re like me and always making written notes everywhere, I would really recommend giving the bullet journal a try. My advice is, don’t worry about making it ‘insta-worthy’, just do what works for you. Also, find a note-taking system that works for you, whether that’s bullet points, a mind map or just scribbling down notes. I’ve been using it since last September and I’ve still got loads of pages left! It’s perfect for noting down ideas on the go. I now use it daily for everything I need to remember and I absolutely love it – I would never go back!


Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. I love using bullet journals. I used to keep a sort of daily journal back in my A Levels so I could track my studies and do well in the final exams. The habit just stuck! And then I found out about bullet journals, so I researched on those and refined my own journal. Now it’s a little bit like a typical bullet journal, but with it’s own twists. It’s not as pretty of course but I’ve always been more about efficiency and output, rather than aesthetic.
    Great post!
    Kanra Khan

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